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2013 Card Collecting Resolutions

January 3, 2013 Leave a comment

In a previous post, I discussed some of my experiences as a “born-again” card collector; and what numerous mistakes I made in the process, including buying way too many cards that I could either handle or afford.

So listed below is a brief list of my resolutions, and goals, for card collecting in 2013:

  • No set building, just collect Red Sox team sets
  • Not spending too much money: no hobby boxes and cutting back on retail
  • Complete several sets I started in 2012
  • Collect 2008 Topps Heritage Chrome & Chrome Refractor set
  • For football, only collect Tom Brady cards
  • Occasional purchases in basketball and hockey
  • Sell off some cards to help finance other card purchases

That’s about it. Hope to keep to this list. Let’s see if I accomplish any of my goals.

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2012 in Review: Confessions of a Newbie Card Collector

December 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Apologies for the lack of posts, but this is an ongoing problem for me and I doubt it will improve anytime soon (even though I have a new year’s resolution to blog more). Anyway, I thought I use this blog post to review my year in card collecting and reflect on what I did wrong, right, and provide an eye into the future.

The year 2012 saw my enthusiastic return to card collecting. I haven’t really collected anything since the junk card days of the 1990s. I stopped when it was no longer about the hobby but about the money. I blame Upper Deck for this, but eventually all card companies bought into it: the high-end of card collecting. But for some reason2012 was the year I wanted to dive back in. So I bought my first pack of 2012 Topps Series I pack and I was off. The thrill of opening a wax pack after so many years was electric. I felt alive. I felt a connection to long gone youth. So I bought another pack, and another, and another, etc…

In fact, I bought too many wax packs. I was planning to be a set builder, but in doing so I was spending a lot of money I had no reason to spend. I went overboard. I bought tons of hobby wax boxes, retail packs, singles, sets, etc. I had no plan, no discipline and no common sense. It got to the point that I got sick of them. I didn’t realize the landscape has changed so much. There is a lot of product out there, in varying price ranges, quality, that I was overwhelmed. I wanted it all, but I soon realized that was next to impossible. I realized I had to stop.

The whole point of card collecting is that it’s a hobby to be enjoyed, not to cripple you financially or emotionally. So I vastly reduced my card purchases and will reduce it further in 2013. I will come up with a plan for 2013, which I will hopefully post it here, soon after the new year.

Hope everyone has a great 2013 and to keep on collecting…

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Nothing going on

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Damn I need to write more here, but I’m damn lazy, man. What’s a guy to do. Let’s hope I can get my shit together and post something in the coming days (weeks, more likely)!

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My Latest You Tube Video – Carl Crawford Mojo!!!

April 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Sorry for the lack of posts. Busy with work and life and me being lazy in general. But here is my latest YouTube video:


You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

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Hello world!

March 10, 2012 1 comment

This is the first post on my new blog. What a better way to start than write what this blog– callstrike– is about.

  1. Red Sox. My favorite team
  2. Baseball because I love it even if my beloved Red Sox are not involved
  3. Trading cards, specifically sports cards
  4. Fantasy baseball and football
  5. Anything I damn well please

I think the tone has been set. I will elaborate more later in my about page.

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